Interdisciplinary Work

Key Hole

we are key hole
experimental improvisational avant-garde ambient homemade synth intuitive strings ludic vocals
inspired by satellites stars horoscopes archeo-astronomy folklore cyber futures ever-present now
survival strategies in ethereal realms
connoisseur mix virtuoso flair

Key Hole live stream performance 2021
ACTLab participant and Conference Planner (2020)

“The Historical ACTLab (the Mothership)”

The UT ACTLab was a radical new kind of experimental program based on interactive, collaborative, student-centered learning, created by a unique international and transdisciplinary group of artists, scholars, teachers, techies, and hackers. Founded in 1993 by Allucquere Rosanne (Sandy) Stone, our special qualities derived from courses and activities based on the ACTLab’s unique pedagogy; our custom multimodal studio specifically designed for ACTLab work; the enthusiasm and dedication of our community; the guiding vision of our directors, visiting artists and lecturers; and our students’ broad spectrum of interests.”

Performance media designed for ACTLab (2006)
Performance media designed for ACTLab (2006)

Performance Art

Film and media

Blank Canvas ATX