Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale (2016)

Conceived and Directed. Co-written with Ensemble.​

An ensemble-devised interpretation of the Ancient Greek play Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus and based loosely on the actions and punishments of contemporary whistle-blowers, advocates for digital privacy rights and perversions of American civil liberties. Privacy Settings offers a “surveillance fun house” with opportunities for unique interactive experiences.

Privacy Settings: Full Performance

P3M5: The Plurality of Privacy in Five Minute Plays (2017)

Producer and Curator

P3M5 promo video

Wake for the Dark Poet: The Antonin Artaud Project (2004)

 ​Directed, Wrote and Co-Produced

A fantasy bio-play about the life and times of theatre visionary, Antonin Artaud.  Received B. Iden Payne awards: Outstanding Award  for a Dramatic Production, Special Citation for Puppetry, Outstanding Transitions, Nomination for Outstanding Direction

Ring, Rip, Rent (2006)

Directed and Co-Produced

 Written by Martha Lynn Coon

A dystopian future in which women’s bodies are controlled by a zealous state.

NecroStix or F**kjoy (2003)

Directed. Written by Chris Kelley. A selected play for the Barebones Festival.

F**kjoy (or Necro Stix) is a game of happiness, regret, sadness, and philosophical inquiries into the persistent imbalance of emotions, love, and mental health. A man and woman see-saw between a fulcrum of infinite uncertainty and doubt, and only through mutual sharing of instabilities are they able to rest, for a short time. Cruelty to Animals is the story of Monty, an abnormal young man trying desperately to maintain a facade of normalcy in the world around him, but with no idea of what normal is supposed to be. Fed by the harsh interactions from his friends, family, and his imagined companion, Monty is torn between the expectations of others and acting on his own desires.

Bridge Burner (2000)

Directed. Written by Aaron Brown

Machinal (1999)

Directed for VORTEX’s Summer Youth Program, 1999