Writing and Academia

Full C.V. available upon request.


Post Doctorate        U.S. Fulbright Scholar to France, 2019-2020
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin, TX, 2012
Field: Performance as Public Practice/Theater, History and Criticism
Focus: Contemporary Theatre, Writing about Performance, Performance Art, Antonin Artaud, Devised Theatre, Ritual and Performance, Experimental Theatre, New Media, Interdisciplinary Live Arts, Women and Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed
Additional focus: Cultural Studies Portfolio from the Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies with emphasis on Popular Culture, Media, and Representation
Dissertation: Artaud’s “Daughters”: “Plague,” “Double” and “Cruelty” in Feminist Performance Practices of Transformation
Dissertation Advisor(s): Jill Dolan (Princeton), Omi Osun Joni L. Jones (UT Austin)

M.A. Performance Studies, New York University, 2003
Focus: Performance Art, Experimental Theatre, Ritual in Performance, Trauma and Performance
Thesis Performance: “Confessions of a Toothless Goon”: A Performance on AIDS, Trauma and Sexuality
Thesis Advisor: Richard Schechner

B.A. Anthropology, with Honors, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1999
Field: Cultural Anthropology
Focus: Women and Culture, Reflexive Ethnography, Rites of Passage
Honor’s Thesis: Ethnographic Study with Pregnant High School Teenagers in Local School Program
Honor’s Thesis Advisor: Pauline Strong

Other Concentrations:
Film and Television; New York University, 1995
Gallatin Individualized Studies, New York University, 1993

Panels, Talks, Papers, Presentations, Workshops (selected list)

Hétérographies circassiennes. Quand les chercheurs montent sur scène.” A post-performance discussion, Aix-Marseille Université; IREMAM (Institut de recherches et d’études sur le monde arabe et musulman), MMSH, January 2020.

“Les Petites Histories,” post-performance discussion with OICEM, Marseille, France, January 2020.

Devising Workshop for a new play by Dr. Fadi Skeiker, on Syrian migrant stories. Austin, TX. June, 2019.

ACTLab 2018: San Antonio, presentation and talk on Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale, May 2018.

Shadow of the Valley, podcast interview with Tal Leeds, April 2018

EFF-Austin Meetup Panel with Michael Garfield, Future Fossils podcast, July 2017

Network of Ensemble Theatres, “Remembering Our Theatrical Ancestors,” Seattle, WA. June 2017

“Constructing Theatre Arts Administration as a Sustainable Workforce Trade,” The Still Invisible Work of Arts Administration, Part I: The Creation/Development of a Successful Academic Program, Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference, Chicago, 2016.

“Privacy Settings: Who Cares?” Dis/Embodied Capital Roundtable Series: Networks of Exchange–The Dialectics of Audience, Space, and Place, Association for Theatre and Higher Education Conference, Chicago, 2016.

“MTV Mother: Linda Montano Performs Mother Teresa and 1980’s Music Video Culture,” Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference, Montreal, 2015.

Grant panel adjudicator and reviewer, “Service Organizations, Fiscal Year 2016,” Houston Arts Alliance, Houston, May 2015.

Grant panel adjudicator and reviewer, “General Operating Support/Expansion Service, Fiscal Year 2016,” Houston Arts Alliance, Houston

Chapter peer-reader for Dr. Paul Bonin-Rodriguez’s Performing Policy: How Politics and Cultural Programs Redefined U.S. Artists for the Twenty-first Century (Palgrave, 2014).

“Impossibilities of Performance,” roundtable paper presented at Association for Theater in Higher Education conference, 2014.

Austin Community College focus group study for Distance Learning faculty, 2013

Grant panel adjudicator and reviewer, “Capacity Building Initiative, Fiscal Year 2014 Accelerator & Sustainability Grant Programs,” Houston Arts Alliance, Houston, 2013

“Applied Ph.D.” Panel roundtable invitation and presentation at Association for Theatre Research, Dallas, 2013

“Criticism as Activism in New Media” Panel invite and presentation at the Association for Theater in Higher Education conference, Washington D.C., 2012

“Engaging Research.”  Panel invite and presentation for the Performance as Public Practice scholarship series at the New Works Theater Festival, University of Texas, Theater and Dance Department, 2011

“Rites of Passage” Panel Discussion invite and presentation on Religion and Rituals for Austin Community College, 2011

“Performance as Radical Activism.” Paper presentation at the Eco-drama Festival, Eugene, Oregon. May, 2009

“Artaud’s Daughters in New Media Culture” for The Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies Studies lecture series, 2008, Austin.

“Embodiment and Virtual Empowerment in `First-Person Shooter’ X-Files Episode.” Paper selected for presentation at the International Arts and Humanities Conference, Honolulu, HI January 2008.

“Transformations in the Flesh: Ritual in Feminist Performance Practices.” Paper presented at Women and Theater pre-conference for Association of Theater in Higher Education, Denver, CO August 2008.

“`No Shame’ Theater’: Performance, Play, Possibilities and Problems.”  Paper presented at Performance Studies International Conference #12, London, UK, June 2006.

“What is MetamorphoSex?: An Exploration of Feminist Ritual Theater Practices.” Paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Landscapes Conference: Post-Feminist Practices in the Arts, Northhampton, England, September 2004.